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ReportScam is an online community which is dedicated to help victims of any type of scams which caused financial losses to them. There are numerous types of scams – Forex scams, Cryptocurrency scams, Bitcoin Scams, Binary Trading Scams, Investment scams, Romance or dating scams, Pension Scams, Tax Scams, Immigration Scams and many more.

It is the victim only who knows the pain which he/she suffers due to the fraud. It affects mentally as well as physically and the victim needs help at the earliest. ReportScam is an online community of traders and recovery experts. We are trying to provide justice to victims of scams whether done by a fraud Forex, binary, crypto fraud brokers, or any fraudulent activity. We are also providing reviews of scam brokers through our continuous blogs and also latest scam news. The purpose of these reports is to help traders know about the scam activities of these blacklisted brokers which will help them to avoid losing money with them.

ReportScam has combined experience of expert fund recovery managers, Bitcoin recovery experts and lawyers who have decided to help the victims of scams through the ReportScam website and forum. After a scam victim fills our complaint form which is a Report Scam form, we carefully assess your complaint and with the help of our team of professionals, we decide the best course of action for your case. If your case is eligible for a refund or chargeback, we transfer it to a very reliable recovery company that navigates you through the best path or recovery.

We want to spread this message to every trader or individual in the world. “It is possible to get your money back if you were scammed”. Many people do not know this and we provide the best guidance to every case which we receive. Therefore trust us if you really want to get genuine help and guidance to recover your losses caused by Forex fraud, Binary Fraud, or any other fraud. Today Thousands of people know about Reportscam and Reportscam services because we have proved ourselves.
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