My Sober Support

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My Sober Support are the founders of The Sober Wellbeing Calendar - a unique 30 day wall calendar containing specialist guidance and motivation to help you stop drinking.

Start practicing some sober self care with our easy to use 30 day Sober Wellbeing Calendar.

Our calendar helps you to take some positive time out from drinking for 30 days. It has been specially designed to help you rebalance your relationship with booze, whilst helping you to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Provided behind each door of our calendar is daily sober motivation and support plus a wealth of specialist health & wellbeing guidance. We also include expert sober resources to keep you completely focused and supported for everyday of your sober journey.

Our Sober Wellbeing Calendar supports and tracks your path through 30 days of being sober, and every day at your fingers tips, is specialist guidance that addresses what you might be feeling and experiencing each day, making sure your time off from drinking is a positive, energising and enlightening experience.

You can start the calendar at any time, whenever it suits you, it doesn't have to be at the beginning of a month.
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