Forestry Contracting Association

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The Forestry Contracting Association is the only body that represents businesses and individuals who are involved in all aspects of forestry contracting. As a member based organisation we have a core of volunteers who give up their time and offer their experience to others in order to help businesses thrive in what can be a difficult industry.

The core structure of the Association is based around the members who are consulted at every level. Members in the three countries, England, Scotland and Wales elect policy committees which consist of committed, experienced and hard working individuals. Three national chairmen are elected from the policy committees and together with others an elected Board of Directors is formed to run the Association.

The Association offers support to members and businesses with advice and benefits that help members to be more successful and profitable. The Policy Committees are made up of people who have spent many years in the industry gaining valuable experience that they can pass on to members when they find they need help and advice from someone who has experience in their field of expertise, be it harvesting, planting, site prep, arb or another specialisation.

The Association is well known for punching above its weight. The national chairmen attend annual liaison meetings with the Forestry Commission and National Resources Wales, the Association has places on many of the committees that form and review industry guidance and together with this comes regular access to Forestry Ministers, it is through these links that member’s concerns can be heard at the highest levels.

The Association has produced a news magazine for many years which has been invaluable in keeping the membership informed. Recently a Facebook page and an FCA Twitter feed have been added that make member’s access to the Association easier and the exchange of information almost instantaneous.
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